• "Brash" Hamish Fennwalker

    "Brash" Hamish Fennwalker

    A charasmatic, if often boisterous, Trollkin originally of the Thornwood Kriels.
  • Alex Talmut

    Alex Talmut

    Alex is a man of no particular pecularities. He is clean shaven, has an angled nose, and long greesed hair. He was last seen wearing the long coat he died in.
  • Damasco Pelario

    Damasco Pelario

    A rather rough and tumble looking fellow with a spark of intellect in his dark brown eyes. Dark brown hair kept short and close to the head. A broken nose and scarred up face leaving others to wonder about his youth, certainly not much of a looker.
  • Dominic Pelario

    Dominic Pelario

    Dominic is a short muscular man always found wearing a fine suit sans the jacket and leather boots.
  • Fredrick Cyprus

    Fredrick Cyprus

    Fredrick Cyprus, is a known leader of a mercenary organization of "Politically Free" soldiers known as Cyprus's Cunning Blades.
  • Fredrick Mayweather

    Fredrick Mayweather

    The preeminent tailor of Merin, maker of illustrious clothes surpassed only by his charm and guile.
  • Nicolai Rathel

    Nicolai Rathel

    As of yet his appearence is unknown, but the growing shadow of his dark intellect has begun to bear down upon all.
  • Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot

    Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot

    A tall, slender kossite man, with long wavy hair, wolf pelt draped across his shoulders, yet a very soft and deliberate step.
  • Saren


    Brash and defiant, a muscular Man, with sharp eyes ready to go where adventure callls.
  • Ziri Lukavich

    Ziri Lukavich

    A dark brown cloak covers her chain armor. She holds a spear tightly in one hand, which bears only 4 fingers.