If the nearly unceasing bloodshed of the battles of western Immoren were likened to a hurricane, then Corvis University might be likened unto an eye of a storm. Despite the perils and tragedies of life there are those who always persevere to create a better existence for all. Their dreams are what take civilization to new heights.

Beyond the peaceful gates of Corvis University, lies the maze of streets and buildings that makes up the city of Corvis. Silhouettes of Corvis’s inhabitants move through the dusty brown clouds exhausted from steam powered industries. Though stories of ghosts walking abound, the appearence of the city alone makes it’s epithet “City of Ghosts” seem quite fitting. Passing between the south gates of Corvis and following a slightly used path for less than a day leads to an old abandoned mining town called Steamswell.

It is in Steamswell that a group assembles from across Immoren. They have been brought together by a menagerie of reasons ranging from omens to gold to the ramblings of a man who should have been dead. All came seeking some sort of answer. A steammill appearing long abandoned from the outside billows smoke. Within its walls the travelers discover a mechanikal contraption, someone or something’s infernal dream, fueled by life, steam, and magic.

As the lofty dreams of good men raise up civilization, the infernal dreams of madness tear asunder civilization and bring it crying to its knees.

Infernal Dreamings is a campaign in the Iron Kingdoms d20 setting (copyright of Privateer Press) using the Pathfinder roleplaying system.

Infernal Dreamings

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