Issue 122


Amnesty for Menites

King Leto has declared that all Menites remaining in Cygnar may practice their faith openly and without hostility barring that they do not communicate with the Protectorate of Menoth and do not leave Cygnar’s borders. All travel must be documented. Undocumented travel will result in your name being added to the fugitive list. A new temple is scheduled to open in Corvis by the end of Octesh.

Caldis Rising

The moon Caldis will reach its full brightness this evening. All ready the crazies are out. Crunk Cromley, the former announcer for the Grind, Warjack Arena, has been seen shouting about the ghosts marching to join Vinter’s army in the bloodstone marches.

Cemetery Monsters

As we all know Corvis has at least as many dead as their are living. However, things might be getting more dangerous for the living. Two days ago, a platoon eighteen men strong went missing. Officially, they were killed in action due to gang violence but with the Cygnaran military tied up with losing an air ship (Yes, You read that correctly see the exclusive in this edition!), they have not opened an official investigation.


The Titan Airship has been stolen. A top secret project for the last three years, the secret is out! In a poorly managed investigation the Corvis Investigator has learned that in Corvis alone the military has been building three air ships. The Titan was supposed to be the largest and most heavily armed airship. The main weapon, called a destructification ray, was also not functioning. Lastly (and most surprisingly) because of its weight there were serious doubts it could ever get off the ground. Well, I guess those doubts are put to rest! No one knows were it headed. This paper’s bets lie with spies from the deposed King Vinter Raelthorne or Khador spies. Eitherway, those military dogs better get sniffing!


More blood shed in the streets of Corvis. The old city has been getting worse again since Captain Jeremiah Strum was found dead three weeks ago. Crystal Clear, some sort of mind expanding concoction has become the drug of choice for many of the old cities homeless. Crime has risen and Bulwurt wants in on the action. As best as we can tell Corgan has cornered the market on getting the Crystal Clear. Maybe the stuff will see how stupid on name like Corkhead is for a gang. Seems like there’s a bounty on the heads of both gangs. Gordon Bulwurt has a bounty Dead or Alive 100 crowns and Mortimer Corgan has a bounty of 300 crowns ALIVE. Yes, you read that right Mortimer is wanted for questioning. Each of their thugs are worth 10gp Alive. Heck, our labor camps need bodies people! Support the war kidnap a gangster!


Cyprus’s Cunning Blades

Intelligence, Discretion, Honor are the qualities of these master soldiers. Please visit our office to discuss how we can meet your mercenary needs. We won’t fight your war, but we’ll make sure you live through any of life’s other inconveniences.

Grudge Match

Witness machines of war battle for domination in the countries most exciting past time: Grind! Oltan’s Oilcans vs Marvelous Mindy’s Murderlators tonight in the Corvis Arena. There out to stomp each others gears into pennies! The battle begins tommorow at 8 o’clock this evening. Seats range from 5 cp to 2 gp.

Issue 122

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