Infernal Dreamings

A Bad Moon Rising

The magic gripping Allison Kheedon had turned her into a feral monster. Encased in darkness, Sarin fought with the creature within her for several rounds. Luckily the rest of the group heard what was going on and came to his rescue. Allison was grappled to the floor and knocked unconcious. When she was woken, the rest of the party was exploring another hidden room. Sarin and Ziri became trying to talk with ALlison but both could only make out bits and pieces of an ancinet langauage. The best they could tell, she was asking to be set free.

The hidden room contained a deadly swarm of metal eating wasps intent on destroying the contents of a steel chest should anyone trigger that trap that let them free. By the end of the battle Hammesh was naked so his gear would not be destroyed and Sarin had managed to electrocute the swarm to death. Within the chest They found a strange blue potions whose contents swirled within the top section of the vial leaving the bottom empty. A triple dose of a strange drug called Crystal Clear, and a Liber Mechanika et Nicolai Rathel. Clearly, he left in a hurry to have left it behind.

During all the commotion, the two captured brutes from the Sharde islands managed to escape. An Inspector Risely with several soldiers stumbled upon the party. After a strange look at Valdross, he simply let the party continue with there business. Finding the behavior strange he was questioned and simply revealed that Valdross had been in the city on other business, additionally, that he figured the group had all ready been hired by ruler of the city Duke Kieton Ebonhart IV since they were associated with Valdross. The group later recieved a reward from the Kheedon family in the amount of 50 gp each. From Nicolai’s mechakina equipment Valdross discovered a thin gold chain (20 inches), worth approximately 10gp.

The party discovers that Nicolai was secretly building another smaller airship on the roof of his laboratory. The group discovers the plans to an airship that was titled, “the Hopper”. These plans are turned into the military barracks. Hammesh gets aquainted with the trollkin community in Corvis and meets the mysterious Shaman who got him involved in this quest. The shaman bestows upon Hammesh healing for free. He warns Hammesh not to tell him of his findings, that this quest is for one trollkin only and that is Hammesh.

So ends the day and part of the night of Malleus 5th.

Session 2
The Laboratory on the Top Floor

All but Sarin and Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot pay for a room in the Dim Lantern, a highly respectable inn located within Corvis City Square. (2 sp per night, or 8sp for 5 days)

Malleus 5th, Octesh

While the rest of the group discussed things with Fredrick Cyprus, Ziri discovered in a game of cards that one of the mercenaries had a Grandfather named Wily Tompson who worked in Steamswell before it was abandoned. He shared the little he knew about strange dreams and a sickness anyone who lived there too long got.

In following a lead with a Professor Alfonz Guarday (Aquaintance of Sarin) at Corvis university it was discovered that a Professor Nicolai Rath’el of Corvis University and an Allison Kheedon went missing. Upon questioning Mr. Kheedon, a very wealthy nobleman it came out that Nicolai was courting Allison. Mr. Kheedon revealed that Nicolai disliked any faith. However, in investigating the books written by Nicolai it became evidence that he had a strong involvement with Cyriss, the Lady of the Gears. In a perhaps an unrelated incident, an airship was stolen and it was apparent it had disintegrated a 100ft section of wall before taking off.

Professor Guarday told the party that Nicolai’s laboratory was on the top floor of the Society Mechanika building. The characters manage to talk their way past a novice gaurd and discover within the library a secret laboratory with an imprisoned Alison Kheedon. While in the lab a group of three thugs from the Scharde islands show up and after a small tussle which leaves one of the thugs dead the party is left waiting for the authorities. Meanwhile, Sarin goes off alone to break Alison out of the strange rune carved manacles.

Upon breaking the manacles the air drops in temperature, the world goes gray for second, and the room fills with darkness. Just before the darkness descended he could see Alison’s eyes turn completely silver.

Next session….A Bad Moon Risin’

Session 1
New steam old burner?
Malleus the 4th, in the Month of Octesh, 607 years After the revolution(A.R.)

In the course of the adventure the players discovered:

  • A family badge of the Kheedon family ripped off a piece of clothing
  • A pure black and shiny coal like substance from the abandoned mine.
  • A strange crystalline emerald colored stone.
  • Among those dead around the machine was a morrow and menoth holy symbol.
  • A book with several pages conveniently left and the rest ripped out. The book was of average quality and had the binding sewn and glued before it was torn apart. The cover is a plain leather without any identifying markings. Inside lies an illustration of the mysterious machine found in the abandoned steammill and a list of dieties with a line through them (Menoth, Morrow, Thamar, Turok, Devourer, Dhunia) but there is no line through Gods of the Dwarves, Gods of the Elves, and Nyssor. There is a question mark next to Cyriss.
  • That someone wanted a single mercenary for work, but they were killed and their signet ring destroyed. However, the band looks strangely like the ring Oleksander’s sister wears as a hired gaurd at Corvis University.
  • In the room the book and badge was found, the phrase “My Soul is my Own” was carved along every wall in at least a dozen languages.
The following inconsistancies existed:
  1. There were no guards.
  2. The book almost seemed like someone wanted it to be known that they had a list of dieties.
  3. Alex Talmut, aquaintance of Sarin and presumably dead, was walking around again with delusions of a Cryx army attacking from the sky.

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