Ziri Lukavich

A dark brown cloak covers her chain armor. She holds a spear tightly in one hand, which bears only 4 fingers.


I resided in the Protectorate for one year prior to meeting with her current traveling party.

A Khadoran Visgoth of the old faith, Visgoth Darovich, sent me there as a gesture of cooperation with the Protectorates in answer to their call for loyal Menites from Khador. I was chosen due to my loyalty to the old faith. The Visgoth trusted that I would not be compromised or fall prey to the radical philosophies of the Protectorate. He convinced the local prince that I would return. It helped my case that I was also to be going on behalf of my family’s business. Originally, they started in the spice trade and eventually progressed to the strong diamond trade out of the Protectorate. While residing in Sul I set up contracts with new mines for more competitive prices and studied the Ancient texts in Icthier. I was happy that at least the facade wasn’t a total waste of my time.

One night a soft knock at my door pulled me away from a deep meditation. Annoyance faded as honor swelled in my soul at the sight of my caller. Standing within the doorway was a Reclaimer. Silently, he or she waved a hand for me to follow. The reclaimer took me to his speaker. The clerics of the faith dedicated to reading the writings of the reclaimers and carrying out there orders.

The reclaimer wrote a pronouncement “I have seen omen’s of destruction affecting all of Menoth’s creations and lesser creatures. You have been chosen to find the source of this destruction and prevent it. The greatest Deity of all has shown me that in Steamswell you will find the start of your path. This danger affects all; even unfaithful men and spawn of the devourer. There help will be needed, that much I can see. Always stay true to the law and tolerate not dark ways.” He also gave me a talisman, a small red jewel whose profile was bordered by plain steel. It was explained to me that it will demonstrate to any other reclaimer that I am on their business.

And so my journey began….

Ziri Lukavich

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