Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot

A tall, slender kossite man, with long wavy hair, wolf pelt draped across his shoulders, yet a very soft and deliberate step.


Height: 6’6”
Weight: 225lbs
Religion: Menite, by familial tradition only, had not formally worshiped since he was a small child.


With shoulder-length, wavy hair, a full beard (sans chin) highlighting his wide Kossite jaw line. Olek usually adorns a dark green greatcoat covering up a chain-mail shirt with a leather bandoleer across his chest. Draped across his shoulders, is the Grey pelt of an alpha wolf that was terrorizing his village.


Raised in northwestern Khador in the small hunting village of Odyn, Oleksandr grew up tracking game and learning the treacherous lessons that the wilds of Khador have to teach. While barely 12 years old, Olek had a noticeable affinity for stalking deer and other game animals, as well as outmaneuvering hunters and scouts from competing villages. This fact did not go unnoticed by the Khadoran military, which attempted many times to enlist him.

Olek’s father, Maxim, is a Kovnic under Supreme Kommandant Irusk’s personal command. When Olek was young, the Kommandant himself paid a visit to their village while traveling up to the coast with his troops. While skulking around the village later that night, he overheard two military grunts talking about their marching orders. They were discussing how Kommandant Irusk had plans to allow Odyn to serve as bait for an attack by a Cryxian raiding party, and allow them an opportunity for a surprise counter-attack. Appalled by what he had heard, he tried to warn the village elders, but was stopped by his father before he could do so. Maxim attempted to convince him that a small sacrifice by the village would be worth it against their countries enemies. Olek decided then and there that there was absolutely no way that he could aid such an immoral cause as the Khadoran military seemed to be under the surface. Khadoran pride runs deep, and when Olek was able to inform his mother of the situation, she coldly accepted her “duty,” even if it was to the whim of some heartless diplomat.

Oleksandr snuck through the town that night, and out to the wilderness that he had spent much time in. Just as fast as he reached safety, a strange smell filled the air as the sound of walking metal could be heard coming from the village, followed by the screams of his friends and family. Olek could barely believe he was fleeing his home in a time of need such as this, but that was when the mortar fire began. Olek knew that he needed to contact his sister.

Olek’s sister, Nadiya, had traveled to Korsk a few years ago to be married to a military officer. She had written back home at least once a month, but the letters suddenly stopped showing up one day, or so his mother had said. Initially, a messenger was sent to notify them that Nadiya had become very ill and had passed away. But rumors eventually trickled in that she had actually left the noble’s estate one night, and fled south across the border towards Corvis. It was a difficult journey, but Olek was able to find passage into Corvis, and eventually discovered where his sister had been hiding. Frederick Cyprus, a man of no allegiances and many allies, had taken it upon himself to accept the two Lovot siblings and protect their identities against Khadoran interests if they ever came looking. This hospitality was not free though. Frederick was more than insistent that they work off everything they owed him for keeping them safe; including adding them to his various bands of mercenaries (or as he calls them, ‘politically free warriors’).

Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot

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