Nicolai Rathel

As of yet his appearence is unknown, but the growing shadow of his dark intellect has begun to bear down upon all.


Nicolai Rathel was a Professor of Corvis University. He courted the heir apparent to the Kheedon family before imprisoning her in his laboratory and setting it up so she might be possessed by some strange spirit. In some hidden documents within his laboratory, it was seen he had buisness dealings with agents of Cyriss. Addtionally, each of his books held a secret code which taught about the maiden of gears and her enigmas.

Besides teaching classes on arcane mekanika, he was employed by the Cygnaran military to build for the military the Titan Air Ship. In his off time he was building another smaller airship, he called the hopper. It is almost gaurenteed he was responsible for stealing the airship as he disappeared with it. Supposedly, he was the only one who had hinted at a new power source to get the ship into the air. However, his purpose for the airship his unknown.

His last known whereabouts leaves him flying over Khador. He had ordered his agent in Corvis, Selica, to deliver a shipment of 100 doses of Crystal sight elixir and was very happy that he had met his contract with someone else.

Nicolai Rathel

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