"Brash" Hamish Fennwalker

A charasmatic, if often boisterous, Trollkin originally of the Thornwood Kriels.


Ability Scores

  • STR: 15 [+2]
  • DEX: 10 [+0]
  • CON: 17 [+3]
  • INT: 12 [+1]
  • WIS: 12 [+1]
  • CHA: 16 [+3]
  • HP: 22

Attack and Defence


  • AC: 17 (10 +Armor: 5 +Sheild: 2)
  • Touch AC: 17
  • Flat Footed AC: 17


  • Fortitude: 6 [Class Base: 3 +Ability: 3]
  • Reflex: 0 [Class Base: 0 +Ability: 0]
  • Will: 1 [Class Base: 0 +Ability: 1]


  • Melle 3 [Base Attack: 1 +Ability: 2]
  • Ranged 1 [Base Attack: 1 +Ability: 0]
  • CMB 3 [Base Attack: 1 +Ability: 2]
  • CMD 13 [Base Attack: 1 +Ability: 0/2]

Feats and Features

  • Toughness
  • Power Attack


  • +4 Saving Throw vs Poison
  • +2 Saving Throw vs Disease
  • Darkvision 30ft
  • Improved Healing
  • Poison Resistance 4
  • Toughness
  • Fell Calls


Ranked Skills
  • Acrobatics 4
  • Bluff 4
  • Climb 6
  • Intimidate 8
  • Perception 6
  • Perform 8
  • Sense Motive 2
  • Survival 5

A True Son of Bragg

Hamish Fenwalker was born to a small Kriel on the southern edge of the Thornwood forest. This was long before Cryx and the wars of men would push the Trollkin out of the region. Back then it was a peaceful community. Humans and neighboring Kriels would both come there to trade and do buisness. It was a crossroads for traveller heading anywhere in the Thornwood. This is how Hamish’s father came to the small community.

Hamish’s father was travelling with a group of mercenary adventurers operating out of Five Fingers. A young Fellcaller himself, he set upon the town in a few furious nights of drinking, fighting, and love making. After he and his companions had worn out their welcome and were on their way. Hamish was born several months later, the fruit of the passing Fellcaller.

Like Father, Like Son

Hamish displayed the gift of Bragg quite early. As a boy he discovered he could crack drinking jugs and topple the smaller boys with a solid shout. He quickly put this “gift” to work terrorizing the community. The elders of Kriel constantly admonished him for his actions and struggles to turn his abilities towords more positive goals.

As he matured Hamish did leave his trouble-making ways behind him. Not because of any effort of his elders, but because Hamish decided it was a better use of his abilities to seduce and bed any woman that he had his eye on, be the human, trollkin, ogrun, or something else entirely. Hamish took to travelling to the neighborning Kriel’s and human settlements, earning the nickname of “Brash Hamish” for his reckless pursuit of woman, wine, and trouble.

The Wind at His Back

It wasn’t long before Hamish’s wandering’s took him away from his Kriel. He found work, like his father before him, where there was trouble. He travelled for years, far from his Kith and his Kriel. He was happy trekking across the wilds of Immoren, visiting it’s cities and meeting it’s people. When the first whispering of was came his way Hamish payed them only slight concern. Like many Trollkin he didn’t know until it was too late.

His Kriel is gone now, lost to the war. Hamish made his way to the Bloodstone Marshes, hearing that many of the displaced Kriels relocated there. It was said Madrak Ironhide, a Chieftan he had met years ago, was to be found there. He had united the displaced Kriels under one banner.

So Hamish’s never ending jounrey brought him to the Marshes and what he found there would change his life forever.

"Brash" Hamish Fennwalker

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