Fredrick Mayweather

The preeminent tailor of Merin, maker of illustrious clothes surpassed only by his charm and guile.


Fredrick is Saren’s contact in Merin, a member of the Cygnaran 2nd Division in the 13th Reconaissance division. In rank he is officially a seargent, but some how his charm and skill at his work always gives him more authority than due to him. He has a permanent suite of rooms at The Emerald Coate de Arms. The proprietor will often note how Fredrick can only be found in the morning during breakfast, but other than that he is never at “home”.

Recently, he has heard a lot of news about the fierce competition between the Castellans of Ord for the work that the ambassador of Xu is providing. It seems that the ambassador has been staying at The Clocktower Inn of Merin for the last seven months. Nearly daily, sailors and soldiers arrive with shipments of wealth from Xu in the form of gold, jewels, spices, onyx, alabaster, and rare animals to pay for their services. King Baird Cathor II has tentatively signed an agreement between Khador, Cygnar, and Xu that the Xu fleet would not be used for war but only protection from Cryxian raiders. The Ambassador of Xu has paid large sums to each country to allow Ord this work.

He has noted that the main armada is beening built in the port city of Berck but that the Steam and Iron Workers Union in Merin is building massive steam paddle engines for a gigantic barge ship that is being built in Berck.

Fredrick Mayweather

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