Dominic Pelario

Dominic is a short muscular man always found wearing a fine suit sans the jacket and leather boots.


Dominic is Damasco’s father and one of the Castellans of Ord, the nobility behind the crown. He is currently involved with the procurement of large amounts of Kundrake’s Oxygenator, an alchemical device used for underwater breathing. The man in charge of his Oxygenator venture is named Leon Parqua. His other major venture right now is fulfilling the fleet order of the fickle Ambassador of Xu, the wild continent south of Immoren.

Dominic and Damasco’s relationship has always been strained since Damasco decided to find his own way in the world rather than becoming a merchant and ship builder. However, instead of trying to get his son to stay again Dominic cautioned him and warned him that they could not be seen together. He reassigned Leon, at least temporarily, to stay around Damasco and aid him if necessary based upon being seen with Damasaco around town all ready.

Dominic Pelario

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