Brash and defiant, a muscular Man, with sharp eyes ready to go where adventure callls.


Sorcerer level 2 Str 15 Dex 13 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 7 Cha 18

Ac 14 Touch 11 Flat-Foot 13

Fort 1 Ref 1 Will 0


Saren was born to a farming family, Saren was from a special liniage. His family was touched long ago, and once in every 8 generations the power manifests. Saren learned of his power at a young age, and tried to get into any adventure he could. Needless to say the local wells never were the same.

As Saren hit the age of 16 the call to arms drew him to the military. He knew his power needed to be hidden, so with the help of his father he joined as a grunt, however quickly “displayed” his aptitude as a magically tuned person, he got scripted into the officers Mage school. Saren did not have the focus to focus as a Mage, so he mage sure he was physically more fit then his class mates, and barely passed his magical tests. After the training he was put in the division of one General Nemo. Although Saren did not directly report to Nemo he was friendly with the general as the inventor General knew Saren’s true nature but let him be as he was an able solider. It was at the Seige of Northgaurd fortress that Saren earned his status among the army. Saren not only lived thorugh the onslaught but he saved several of his squad mates on the retreat through the Thornwood.

During this time of calm, Saren was reassigned the black ops, undercover and free reign to track down the enemies of Cygnar. After seeing a fallen comrade, he finds himself on an adventure that will rock the foundations of the world…....


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