Damasco Pelario

A rather rough and tumble looking fellow with a spark of intellect in his dark brown eyes. Dark brown hair kept short and close to the head. A broken nose and scarred up face leaving others to wonder about his youth, certainly not much of a looker.


Name: Damasco Pelario

Level: Fighter 3

Str: 17 Dex:15 Con:13 Int: 14 Wis: 11 Cha: 7

HP:31 AC:23 (Touch:13 Flat:20)

Fort:4 Ref:3 Will:2

Melee:6 Ranged:5 CMB:6 CMD:18

  • Acrobatics: 3 (+8)
  • Climb: 3 (+11)
  • Craft(Small Arms): 3 (+8)
  • Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 3 (+8)
  • Knowledge (Engineering): 3 (+8)
  • Profession(Sailor): 1 (+6)
  • Ride: 1 (+6)
  • Swim: 1 (+7)
  • Improved Tower Shield Prof.
  • Dodge
  • Combat Expertise
  • Mobility
  • Weapon Focus (Warhammer)


Damasco is well-mannered, intelligent and respected son of a nobleman in Ord. It was such a shame that he has spit in the face of all those things. His life was set as a shipbuilder and business man under his father, Dominic. This however was not to be the story that Damasco wanted to be told about himself. He wanted to prove himself and make it on his own, not as a a businessman and profiteer but as a warrior. Young Damasco had been fighting since his first day of his private education. Never as tall or as large as the other kids, things came rough for him. He has also had a heck of a work ethic though. Damasco worked harder and longer than any one else and his father always appreciated that. He grew strong both of mind and body as he approached the age of adulthood. Damasco grew more rebellious and sadly his father did not approve of that, Dominic wanted a younger easily controlled version of himself. Damasco was anything but and the heavy handedness of his father only led to further discourse between the two of them. It wasn’t long before his father drove Damasco from his household, not on purpose of course as he desired to rid his son of this attitude. Just barely old enough to get along by himself he began to fancy himself a mercenary. Money was slow at first but with the right equipment and training, both of which Damasco had plenty of, things began to pick up nicely. Thus we begin with Damasco having recently received a job from his friend Darvin to head to Steamswell and begin his way into a future of his own choosing…

Damasco’s Thoughts:


Hamish: “A trollkin worth his weight in vinegar. His voice could sink a thousand ships. He was a good friend despite our common head butts to each other. He was of the few I have come to know with a thicker skull than a Ordic. May he rest with Menoth’s favor.”

Oleksandr: “A fine outdoorsman with a flair for swordsmanship and a quiet demeanor I always appreciated. Olek is as close as I could have to a friend. We are from the same mercenary company and have been together for a decent sum of time. I trust his senses better than my own and wouldn’t mind fighting back to back with him anytime.”

Saren: “A strange fellow whom seems to be followed by a constant swarm of electricity. He will is strong and his heart is true. I value his aid at all times even if I may not always know what or where his plans are headed. Sometimes I wonder if he just spares us the details to make things easier on the rest of us.”

Valdross: “An enigma to my way of thinking. He ways are unique and yet often strangely helpful. I will never underestimate his drive or will to make things happen. I appreciate his flair for dry humor and pointing out those things which seem to be against the natural order of things.”

Ziri: “A lady and yet a powerhouse of force. She is unstoppable once rolling in a direction. I appreciate her willingness to aid others even at the cost to herself. Her penchant for the order of things always struck true with myself. I may have started as her bodyguard but I now consider her a friend.”


Vassale Yosovich: “May your journey take you to lands unseen by human eyes. May the grace of all the gods be upon you and thanks for letting us share in just a bit of your grand adventure.”

Damasco Pelario

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