Fredrick Cyprus

Fredrick Cyprus, is a known leader of a mercenary organization of "Politically Free" soldiers known as Cyprus's Cunning Blades.


Cyprus is a well known figure of Corvis. It seems that in some way everyone knows him or of his Cunning Blades. Cyprus prides himself on having loyal mercenaries who uphold honor, discrestion, and mastery of their craft. His advertisements in the Corvis City Investigator, a local newspaper, reads:

Cyprus’s Cunning Blades

Intelligence, Discretion, Honor are the qualities of these master soldiers. Please visit our office to discuss how we can meet your mercenary needs. We won’t fight your war, but we’ll make sure you live through any of life’s other inconveniences.


Fredrick Cyprus employs an organization that has between 20 and 40 members at any given time. He refuses to accept contracts for out right war. He feels its too risky and bad for business. His main office is Corvis. He mainly provides bodygaurds, industrial espionage, and battle field scouting.

Fredrick Cyprus

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