Infernal Dreamings

The Shrine of Ages Part II

Traveling into the night, the party begins to wonder if playing into this mans fantasy is worth it. The steward prepares a meal, and as the group finishes eating they hear the chiming of a bell in the gentle night breeze. Excitedly, Vasili leaps to his feet and before the group can react he is riding off into the night. Little did any one know, that one of them would die this evening. The steward and the prisoner they rescued from the Gray Wizard, wait at camp. THe prisoner had to be tied up and gagged because he kept trying to return to Khador under the impetus of an enchantment.

Amid the ruins of an old cottage, a portal is opened within a ragged gnarled old tree. A man and woman stand before it. The man shouts, “Know that only one who has been here before may come again.” Vasili shouts in reply, “That is I, it is my time. These are my friends.”

The man nods, “Indeed it is your time. Then, show me your strength. Defeat these gaurdians and enter.” In the distance some of the party hears the approach of bears. Although, the man and woman make no threatening moves, the women has weapons drawn. Without thought, “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker charges her, perhaps spurred on by the dark magics of the fellblade. The battle ensues, it is vicious and hard fought. A dire bear and three black bears charge from the sides. In the end, Ziri Lukavich and Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot retreat from the battle as the others lay on the ground. Vasili, enters the tree having all ready proven himself. The man declares the test is over. Ziri and Olek, have there vision go blurry. They see “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker standing guard by the tree. His dead body on the ground before him. The next morning the group wakes up back at camp. Dreams of a witch in the north haunt there sleep. The steward pays them each 20 platnum and they leave to the north with the man they rescued. With the enchantments now worn off he has a frightening tale to tell them at last.



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