Infernal Dreamings

The Shrine of Ages

Using Ziri Lukavich’s contact Boris Chernov the group smuggles themselves into Five Fingers in exchange for deliviring a shipment to a somewhat exccentric nobleman who emmigrated from Khador to Ord. He lives off the main road north to Merin. They deliver the goods to a Lord Vasili Iosivich. He refers to each memeber of the party by different names, believing that they are his old adventuring party returned for his last adventure. He tells them a story that as a child he found a mystical place in these woods while on a holiday. With child like wonderment and a little bit of crazy, he describes feelings of finding the most wonderful ancient place. He shows the group a piece of stone with magical runes on it. Valdross reads it using read magic. It reads “The Shrine of Ages”. He explaisn that as a child he was told he was not ready to enter.

The group debates about this journey, but he offers to pay them because he knows they have all fallen on hard times. Ziri tries to talk with him and he recounts a story of another adventuring group being horriblly killed. He pauses for a second in telling the story and muttered to himself several times, “They were so young.” His Steward, Archer Orininski, accompanies them and they go off into the woods.

While Vasili is wandering about a boulder recounting how he had once spent the night beneath the rock they meet a Graylord Magziev Dmitiry Korska of the Prikaz Chancellary and a pair of fellblades with a prisoner in tow. He simply dismisses the party and tells them to be on there way, but Saren doesn’t take to kindly to the wizards tone. A battle erupts, ending with two dead fellblades and a very angry wizard. Taking to the air, he leaves a parting gift of an ice storm, and flies to the north. One of the fellblades his buried while the other one is taken by “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker. It mutters something in his head about killing, but he shakes it off thinking it was the lingering effects of battle. At last Vasili realizes in which direction they need to go. He mentions something about traveling north until they hear the song of a bell.



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