Infernal Dreamings

Rest and Planning

Malleus the 6th & 7th, 607 A.R.

Oleksander, Saren, and Valdross check themselves into a hospital for the day.

Corvis University Hospital (2 sp per day), Military Hospital (1sp per day for enlisted men, to be deducted from pay….)

Ziri and Brash research a coded message gathered up from the Schardian’s possesions at the university library. Spending nearly all day deciphering the script they discover the following:

Each letter is a set of instructions from some one with the initial A. Those men were given directions to determine if Nicolai had the Caller of the Dead in his possession.

The next day, Oleksander recieves word from Fredrick Cyprus that there is work to be had in patroling a particularly bad area of the slums and attempting to keep order. If possible bring in the head of either warring gang (see The Corvis Investigator).

The group discovers they are being spied on by Alexander talmut the formerly dead military associate of Saren. After a long chase through crowds and stores, he is capture. It is discovered that he is more machine than man and someone raises the idea that his limbs were weighing him down. Unforutnately, the oil that kept him living eventually leaks out.

They bring the torso of Alex to the fraternal order of wizardry, where in exchange for a future favor and leaving hte corpse with a wizard they are aided. The wizard’s name is Marcus Windlet. He operates a strange machine that is able to speak with the dead. Five questions are asked. The answers are as follows:

  • Alyxia wanted Alex to spy on the group and watch there movements.
  • The Caller of the Dead is an ancient spawn of the Devourer.
  • Alyxia doesn’t know where Nicolai went.
  • Alyxia is refered to as a Lord of the Cryx.
  • One question was wasted on something silly….(fill it in if you remember).



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