Infernal Dreamings

Prophecy of the Machine, Part 2

” Nicolai will not be stopped. Me and my brethren will guide him to success. What has been seen cannot be unseen, the foundations of Immoren will be shattered and rebuilt.” -The prophecy of the machine

  • The wizard controlling the thrall escapes into underground caverns. The ground is wet as if water used to flow.
  • In short, they defeat what seems to be a cabal of Cyriss-like worshippers who were using the Caller of the Dead to summon souls and extract from them the ingredients for Crystal Sight. The defeat of the leader of this Cabal causes her to explode into a fine pink cloud. She speaks the prophecy above before dieing. In her remaining things the group finds a note from Nicolai:
  • Our work in Corvis is done, Selina. Thank you for your work in meeting the contract. So far everything is to plan. Our mutual friend has arrived in Merin. Meet him at the clocktower and make sure to bring at least 100 doses.
  • The group destroyed the 100 dose shipment that was meant for Merin.
  • Estimate without bonuses 9950 xp at this point.



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