Infernal Dreamings

Prophecy of the Machine, Part 1

  • * Mundrun Golden Alchemy Supply – Party has a 10% discount with the shop keeper Mundrun
  • “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker sent two rubies to The Mistress in an attempt to woo her.
  • Inspector Garton, Duke Ebonhart IV personal detective, and a member of a secret society, fills the party in about the on going war with Khadoran’s reignited by the airship attack on a remote piece of Khadoran soil. *While the group was busy underground, Ziri met a family aquaintance Boris Chernov. He is a merchant that specializes in tobacco.
  • The Mistress, for a fee, lets the party in on who is distributing the Crystal Sight drug.
  • The party finds the gang responsible for shipping the drug is dead.
  • Ziri discovers a Pistol (small), 6 bullets, a lockbox and key with 200gp, and a letter telling a man named Corgan that there will be no more crystal sight shipments.
  • The party finds a hidden tunnel into the sewers. Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot is able to track the well used route back to some sort of complex built underground.
  • The group is addressed by a person in a robe with a golden mask. It tells them to leave, that no more shipments are being provided.
  • Olek shoots it in the head with an arrow, discovers it is a mannequin robot.
  • The group battles a group of thralls and a wizard. They believe this is the working of the Cryx.
  • 2,550 XP was awarded this session.



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