Infernal Dreamings

Into the Breach once more...

Malleus the 8th, 607 A.R.

The party returns to the sewers of Corvis, minus Ziri. She had gone on a walk in the morning to check on the construction of the small temple of Menoth being built within the city. The group had woken up early and decided to explroe the sewers. Ziri ends up missing them by the time she returns. The group also visit’s Mundrun’s Alchemy Supply for the first time. They buy a combination of Cure-all Salves and Ansleigh’s wound seal.

Saren recieves a special writ of military business in order to enter back through the The Steam Measurement and Distribution Building.

WIthin the sewers the party discovers the group of homeless people they had previously encountered has been slaughtered by a mad man. Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot identifies the wounds as clearly ax wounds. Thoughts, of the strangae man with an accent like Ziri Lukavich and Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot return to the surface of their thoughts. It is impossible not to consider that this crazed killer is a Khadorn spy. Though, no one can be sure of his purpose.

Back within the ancient temple of the devourer wurm, the party moves deeper into the complex. They discver that one of the walls were destroyed within the anteroom by an unknown force. Above, a monsterous spider lings hungrily. Combat ensues. The battle goes well and all survive.

Further into the complex they discover a room, the former quarters of a Seer. It seems that many ancient implements of torture were left out as well as a bag of children’s bones. Valdross recognizes these devices as part of a crude and barbaric method of divination involving the torture of live victims—used long ago.

Deeper into the temple they discover a set of carvings along the wall which seem to illustrate preperation for something. The hall ends with a dead end. Written in ancient Caspian around the imprint of a hand is the phrase “The Sanctified Hand”. Olek is the only one who puts together the instructions on the wall. Only a bleeding hand can unlock the magically sealed door. Hammesh complies and the door opens. The room shakes.

Within lies three circles linked like part of the olympic symbol. Within the outer circle small snake like creatures rest peacefully. The group assumes these are the callers of the dead. However, they notice that one ring is broken and a creature is missing. Suddenly, battle ensues as an undead Gorax charges from the shadows. The room continues to shake.

The party returns to the surface to discover Corvis under Siege. Artillery shells rain down upon the city as the group attempts to make it back to The Dim Lantern. Damasco Pelario runs off into the city to help with rescue efforts. A mere hour later, the entire party is reunited.

Saren arranged for Fredrick Cyprus to use mercenaries to secure the Devour Wurm temple. He also discovers that Khador was able to move an entire artillery embankment almost to the shores of the Dragon’s Tongue river. Apparently, they perfected a large scale invisibility device.

Cygnar is again at war.



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