Infernal Dreamings

Caller of the Dead

Met Nigel, the ogrun mercenary Bokur Ormuk Steelarm, and a nameless Ogrun at the The Steam Measurement and Distribution Building . The party made its way through the maze of the tunnel system. A group of homeless directed the party to a stream, the party figuring that they try to find the water way which might have let the thrall body out into the black river.

Saren begins to hear voices. He only has vaguely hinted at this to the rest of the party. These voices lead him to an illusionary wall, where the party discovers an ancient temple to the devourer. Inside they battle with a group of dire rats and the Scharde thugs they encountered previously at the laboratory of Professor Nicolai Rathel. The thugs meet their end this time.

Inside they discover the nameless thugs had been camping out waiting for someone. Inside, is a large stone bowl that was clearly used in ancient sacrificial worship. A massive 12 foot tall porticlus bars the groups way into the temple. Ziri is able to fix the ratchet mechanism that lifts the gate and installs a new rope (Saren’s rope). Inside a massive wood statue with green emerald eyes sits staring outwards. As the party approaches it rears to life and a terrible battle ensues. The creature blasts everyone in the room with shards of wood and fells Olek in one swipe. The fellcaller Brash is able to inspire everyone to keep fighting even though there bodies long since gave up. The priestess of Menoth, even risks healing everyone in a burst of positive energy and nearly loses her life in the process.

The creature is finally finished off by a grenade carrying menoth’s fury and a solid hit from Damasco. Too badly wounded to continue, the party gathers up the items in the Schardian’s camp and heads back topside to rest and figure out their next move.



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