Infernal Dreamings

A walk in the Dark

Malleus the 6th, 607 A.R.

Night falls like a gentle cloak about the city. Amid the hiss of steam and steady thrum of the steel factories, sleep is slow to pull all of you into the land of dreams.

(Known by Ziri only) Ziri, you awake to find yourself surrounded by four stone walls less than arms reach away and just above your head. A lantern hangs in the air several feet above you and the sounds of unknown beasts stir in the darkness beyond the wall. “A voice speaks as if from the light around you, “Do not lose faith in your quest, trust in the true law and be wary of those who seek to make friends of foes. From Khador comes another servant to provide you aid, Oleksander will know him when he sees him. Ziri, look beyond the wall and see the darkness you must stop.”

As she looked over the wall she awakes to find herself leaning out of a window over looking the city square. There ghosts bearing symbols of the lawgiver hanging on heavy chains are walking with a tormented look upon there bodies. They moan and shamble in the direction of the Black river. With a startled yell, Ziri wakes up Damascao and Hammesh. She tells them that she has seen these spirit and goes to find out what is happening to them. They both follow, and pick up Oleksander on the way. Damasao meets up with Fredrick Cyprus in order to find out where Oleksander lives. Cyprus mentions he has work for them.

Out in the city, a portion of the party investigates the docks. ALong the way the following happens:

(1) They meet Nigel, a gobber who was “righting a wrong” done to his employer. He wears many tattered coats and is exceptionally skilled at being held still.

(2) A mangled thrall body is found in the river. Gaurds mention it is the second one like this.

(3) The party tries to find an entrance into the caves below. Clearly, the body came from up river.

(4) Nigel attempts to retrieve the coat “stolen” by Damasaco. He takes the party to someone he thinks might be able to help them.

(5) They meet “The Mistress” an Ogrun whruns a brothel and gambling hall. For 35gp she will take them to an entrance and make sure the entrance remains open for them to leave for a period of 4 hours. Additionally, she has a hired mercenary that will go down into the tunnels with them, but he won’t hesistate to save his own neck. Also thr group gambled away 2 gp, 7 sp, and 2 cp on the Wheel of the Devourer.

The party will meet up with her again in 9 hours (at approximately noon).



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