Infernal Dreamings

Arrival in Ord
"Hunters of the Night - Seriously, its just a joke isn't it?"
The Shrine of Ages Part II

Traveling into the night, the party begins to wonder if playing into this mans fantasy is worth it. The steward prepares a meal, and as the group finishes eating they hear the chiming of a bell in the gentle night breeze. Excitedly, Vasili leaps to his feet and before the group can react he is riding off into the night. Little did any one know, that one of them would die this evening. The steward and the prisoner they rescued from the Gray Wizard, wait at camp. THe prisoner had to be tied up and gagged because he kept trying to return to Khador under the impetus of an enchantment.

Amid the ruins of an old cottage, a portal is opened within a ragged gnarled old tree. A man and woman stand before it. The man shouts, “Know that only one who has been here before may come again.” Vasili shouts in reply, “That is I, it is my time. These are my friends.”

The man nods, “Indeed it is your time. Then, show me your strength. Defeat these gaurdians and enter.” In the distance some of the party hears the approach of bears. Although, the man and woman make no threatening moves, the women has weapons drawn. Without thought, “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker charges her, perhaps spurred on by the dark magics of the fellblade. The battle ensues, it is vicious and hard fought. A dire bear and three black bears charge from the sides. In the end, Ziri Lukavich and Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot retreat from the battle as the others lay on the ground. Vasili, enters the tree having all ready proven himself. The man declares the test is over. Ziri and Olek, have there vision go blurry. They see “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker standing guard by the tree. His dead body on the ground before him. The next morning the group wakes up back at camp. Dreams of a witch in the north haunt there sleep. The steward pays them each 20 platnum and they leave to the north with the man they rescued. With the enchantments now worn off he has a frightening tale to tell them at last.

The Shrine of Ages

Using Ziri Lukavich’s contact Boris Chernov the group smuggles themselves into Five Fingers in exchange for deliviring a shipment to a somewhat exccentric nobleman who emmigrated from Khador to Ord. He lives off the main road north to Merin. They deliver the goods to a Lord Vasili Iosivich. He refers to each memeber of the party by different names, believing that they are his old adventuring party returned for his last adventure. He tells them a story that as a child he found a mystical place in these woods while on a holiday. With child like wonderment and a little bit of crazy, he describes feelings of finding the most wonderful ancient place. He shows the group a piece of stone with magical runes on it. Valdross reads it using read magic. It reads “The Shrine of Ages”. He explaisn that as a child he was told he was not ready to enter.

The group debates about this journey, but he offers to pay them because he knows they have all fallen on hard times. Ziri tries to talk with him and he recounts a story of another adventuring group being horriblly killed. He pauses for a second in telling the story and muttered to himself several times, “They were so young.” His Steward, Archer Orininski, accompanies them and they go off into the woods.

While Vasili is wandering about a boulder recounting how he had once spent the night beneath the rock they meet a Graylord Magziev Dmitiry Korska of the Prikaz Chancellary and a pair of fellblades with a prisoner in tow. He simply dismisses the party and tells them to be on there way, but Saren doesn’t take to kindly to the wizards tone. A battle erupts, ending with two dead fellblades and a very angry wizard. Taking to the air, he leaves a parting gift of an ice storm, and flies to the north. One of the fellblades his buried while the other one is taken by “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker. It mutters something in his head about killing, but he shakes it off thinking it was the lingering effects of battle. At last Vasili realizes in which direction they need to go. He mentions something about traveling north until they hear the song of a bell.

Prophecy of the Machine, Part 2

” Nicolai will not be stopped. Me and my brethren will guide him to success. What has been seen cannot be unseen, the foundations of Immoren will be shattered and rebuilt.” -The prophecy of the machine

  • The wizard controlling the thrall escapes into underground caverns. The ground is wet as if water used to flow.
  • In short, they defeat what seems to be a cabal of Cyriss-like worshippers who were using the Caller of the Dead to summon souls and extract from them the ingredients for Crystal Sight. The defeat of the leader of this Cabal causes her to explode into a fine pink cloud. She speaks the prophecy above before dieing. In her remaining things the group finds a note from Nicolai:
  • Our work in Corvis is done, Selina. Thank you for your work in meeting the contract. So far everything is to plan. Our mutual friend has arrived in Merin. Meet him at the clocktower and make sure to bring at least 100 doses.
  • The group destroyed the 100 dose shipment that was meant for Merin.
  • Estimate without bonuses 9950 xp at this point.
Prophecy of the Machine, Part 1
  • * Mundrun Golden Alchemy Supply – Party has a 10% discount with the shop keeper Mundrun
  • “Brash” Hamish Fennwalker sent two rubies to The Mistress in an attempt to woo her.
  • Inspector Garton, Duke Ebonhart IV personal detective, and a member of a secret society, fills the party in about the on going war with Khadoran’s reignited by the airship attack on a remote piece of Khadoran soil. *While the group was busy underground, Ziri met a family aquaintance Boris Chernov. He is a merchant that specializes in tobacco.
  • The Mistress, for a fee, lets the party in on who is distributing the Crystal Sight drug.
  • The party finds the gang responsible for shipping the drug is dead.
  • Ziri discovers a Pistol (small), 6 bullets, a lockbox and key with 200gp, and a letter telling a man named Corgan that there will be no more crystal sight shipments.
  • The party finds a hidden tunnel into the sewers. Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot is able to track the well used route back to some sort of complex built underground.
  • The group is addressed by a person in a robe with a golden mask. It tells them to leave, that no more shipments are being provided.
  • Olek shoots it in the head with an arrow, discovers it is a mannequin robot.
  • The group battles a group of thralls and a wizard. They believe this is the working of the Cryx.
  • 2,550 XP was awarded this session.
Into the Breach once more...
Malleus the 8th, 607 A.R.

The party returns to the sewers of Corvis, minus Ziri. She had gone on a walk in the morning to check on the construction of the small temple of Menoth being built within the city. The group had woken up early and decided to explroe the sewers. Ziri ends up missing them by the time she returns. The group also visit’s Mundrun’s Alchemy Supply for the first time. They buy a combination of Cure-all Salves and Ansleigh’s wound seal.

Saren recieves a special writ of military business in order to enter back through the The Steam Measurement and Distribution Building.

WIthin the sewers the party discovers the group of homeless people they had previously encountered has been slaughtered by a mad man. Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot identifies the wounds as clearly ax wounds. Thoughts, of the strangae man with an accent like Ziri Lukavich and Oleksandr Maximivich Lovot return to the surface of their thoughts. It is impossible not to consider that this crazed killer is a Khadorn spy. Though, no one can be sure of his purpose.

Back within the ancient temple of the devourer wurm, the party moves deeper into the complex. They discver that one of the walls were destroyed within the anteroom by an unknown force. Above, a monsterous spider lings hungrily. Combat ensues. The battle goes well and all survive.

Further into the complex they discover a room, the former quarters of a Seer. It seems that many ancient implements of torture were left out as well as a bag of children’s bones. Valdross recognizes these devices as part of a crude and barbaric method of divination involving the torture of live victims—used long ago.

Deeper into the temple they discover a set of carvings along the wall which seem to illustrate preperation for something. The hall ends with a dead end. Written in ancient Caspian around the imprint of a hand is the phrase “The Sanctified Hand”. Olek is the only one who puts together the instructions on the wall. Only a bleeding hand can unlock the magically sealed door. Hammesh complies and the door opens. The room shakes.

Within lies three circles linked like part of the olympic symbol. Within the outer circle small snake like creatures rest peacefully. The group assumes these are the callers of the dead. However, they notice that one ring is broken and a creature is missing. Suddenly, battle ensues as an undead Gorax charges from the shadows. The room continues to shake.

The party returns to the surface to discover Corvis under Siege. Artillery shells rain down upon the city as the group attempts to make it back to The Dim Lantern. Damasco Pelario runs off into the city to help with rescue efforts. A mere hour later, the entire party is reunited.

Saren arranged for Fredrick Cyprus to use mercenaries to secure the Devour Wurm temple. He also discovers that Khador was able to move an entire artillery embankment almost to the shores of the Dragon’s Tongue river. Apparently, they perfected a large scale invisibility device.

Cygnar is again at war.

Rest and Planning
Malleus the 6th & 7th, 607 A.R.

Oleksander, Saren, and Valdross check themselves into a hospital for the day.

Corvis University Hospital (2 sp per day), Military Hospital (1sp per day for enlisted men, to be deducted from pay….)

Ziri and Brash research a coded message gathered up from the Schardian’s possesions at the university library. Spending nearly all day deciphering the script they discover the following:

Each letter is a set of instructions from some one with the initial A. Those men were given directions to determine if Nicolai had the Caller of the Dead in his possession.

The next day, Oleksander recieves word from Fredrick Cyprus that there is work to be had in patroling a particularly bad area of the slums and attempting to keep order. If possible bring in the head of either warring gang (see The Corvis Investigator).

The group discovers they are being spied on by Alexander talmut the formerly dead military associate of Saren. After a long chase through crowds and stores, he is capture. It is discovered that he is more machine than man and someone raises the idea that his limbs were weighing him down. Unforutnately, the oil that kept him living eventually leaks out.

They bring the torso of Alex to the fraternal order of wizardry, where in exchange for a future favor and leaving hte corpse with a wizard they are aided. The wizard’s name is Marcus Windlet. He operates a strange machine that is able to speak with the dead. Five questions are asked. The answers are as follows:

  • Alyxia wanted Alex to spy on the group and watch there movements.
  • The Caller of the Dead is an ancient spawn of the Devourer.
  • Alyxia doesn’t know where Nicolai went.
  • Alyxia is refered to as a Lord of the Cryx.
  • One question was wasted on something silly….(fill it in if you remember).
Caller of the Dead

Met Nigel, the ogrun mercenary Bokur Ormuk Steelarm, and a nameless Ogrun at the The Steam Measurement and Distribution Building . The party made its way through the maze of the tunnel system. A group of homeless directed the party to a stream, the party figuring that they try to find the water way which might have let the thrall body out into the black river.

Saren begins to hear voices. He only has vaguely hinted at this to the rest of the party. These voices lead him to an illusionary wall, where the party discovers an ancient temple to the devourer. Inside they battle with a group of dire rats and the Scharde thugs they encountered previously at the laboratory of Professor Nicolai Rathel. The thugs meet their end this time.

Inside they discover the nameless thugs had been camping out waiting for someone. Inside, is a large stone bowl that was clearly used in ancient sacrificial worship. A massive 12 foot tall porticlus bars the groups way into the temple. Ziri is able to fix the ratchet mechanism that lifts the gate and installs a new rope (Saren’s rope). Inside a massive wood statue with green emerald eyes sits staring outwards. As the party approaches it rears to life and a terrible battle ensues. The creature blasts everyone in the room with shards of wood and fells Olek in one swipe. The fellcaller Brash is able to inspire everyone to keep fighting even though there bodies long since gave up. The priestess of Menoth, even risks healing everyone in a burst of positive energy and nearly loses her life in the process.

The creature is finally finished off by a grenade carrying menoth’s fury and a solid hit from Damasco. Too badly wounded to continue, the party gathers up the items in the Schardian’s camp and heads back topside to rest and figure out their next move.

A walk in the Dark
Malleus the 6th, 607 A.R.

Night falls like a gentle cloak about the city. Amid the hiss of steam and steady thrum of the steel factories, sleep is slow to pull all of you into the land of dreams.

(Known by Ziri only) Ziri, you awake to find yourself surrounded by four stone walls less than arms reach away and just above your head. A lantern hangs in the air several feet above you and the sounds of unknown beasts stir in the darkness beyond the wall. “A voice speaks as if from the light around you, “Do not lose faith in your quest, trust in the true law and be wary of those who seek to make friends of foes. From Khador comes another servant to provide you aid, Oleksander will know him when he sees him. Ziri, look beyond the wall and see the darkness you must stop.”

As she looked over the wall she awakes to find herself leaning out of a window over looking the city square. There ghosts bearing symbols of the lawgiver hanging on heavy chains are walking with a tormented look upon there bodies. They moan and shamble in the direction of the Black river. With a startled yell, Ziri wakes up Damascao and Hammesh. She tells them that she has seen these spirit and goes to find out what is happening to them. They both follow, and pick up Oleksander on the way. Damasao meets up with Fredrick Cyprus in order to find out where Oleksander lives. Cyprus mentions he has work for them.

Out in the city, a portion of the party investigates the docks. ALong the way the following happens:

(1) They meet Nigel, a gobber who was “righting a wrong” done to his employer. He wears many tattered coats and is exceptionally skilled at being held still.

(2) A mangled thrall body is found in the river. Gaurds mention it is the second one like this.

(3) The party tries to find an entrance into the caves below. Clearly, the body came from up river.

(4) Nigel attempts to retrieve the coat “stolen” by Damasaco. He takes the party to someone he thinks might be able to help them.

(5) They meet “The Mistress” an Ogrun whruns a brothel and gambling hall. For 35gp she will take them to an entrance and make sure the entrance remains open for them to leave for a period of 4 hours. Additionally, she has a hired mercenary that will go down into the tunnels with them, but he won’t hesistate to save his own neck. Also thr group gambled away 2 gp, 7 sp, and 2 cp on the Wheel of the Devourer.

The party will meet up with her again in 9 hours (at approximately noon).


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